Using Dry Erase Markers in Your Presentation

A Whiteboard Display Can Compliment a PowerPoint Show

Presentation_Oct_24If you have ever created a PowerPoint presentation to display at an important meeting, you know that you go over it again and again to make sure it’s perfect. A polished performance can mean clinching the sale, winning a contract, or getting a big promotion so content is critical.

I have prepared dozens of PowerPoint shows and rehearsed the actual presentation in front of friends, a mirror, and once for my dog to make sure I didn’t leave anything out. Then, when the time came for the actual live performance, I realized I should have included this or that, or I should have used a different picture, or a fact pops into my head that would be perfect. Darn!

This is why we like to have as a compliment to any PowerPoint presentation, a whiteboard!

A whiteboard gives you the flexibility to break the monotony of clicking through slides and have some fun. You can even hand a marker to an audience member and ask them to get involved. Let’s say your presentation includes demographics who might be interested in the product you’re selling. You might follow up with your list by asking an audience member to come up and write some idea on the board.

Maybe you can use the whiteboard to write down suggestions from the audience for future discussions, or have some fun by drawing pictures. A whiteboard allows the presenter and the audience to express themselves in a creative way, and can turn a boring lecture into a memorable event.

Now, whiteboards aren’t always available, and even if you make prior arrangements there is no guarantee everything will be arranged as you wish. Whiteboard-in-a-Box is a self-stick adhesive whiteboard surface that unrolls to the size you need. It’s ready to go up on a wall pretty much anywhere you need it to, so you will always be prepared to express yourself. also sells the best dry erase markers available. ATTITUDE markers come in wide and narrow styles and plenty of vivid colors. Visit our website to browse and buy today, so you’re ready to pull of the presentation everyone will be talking about!

Dry Erase Cleaner that Really Works – and it’s Non-Toxic

Have you ever marked up a dry-erase board with tons of brilliant ideas and clever concepts when you realize it’s time to let it go. Time to erase.

Where’s the eraser? A dry paper towel? Your shirt? Some water will work with the kitchen sponge. Nope, that made a huge mess!

Let’s fix this situation now! Attitude Dry Erase Board Cleaner and DryEraseCleanerRestorer.

Removes shadow tracings, ghosting and hard to remove markings with out toxic fumes

A light mist is all it takes to remove even the oldest marks and tracings

Here are a few of the benefits:

– Safe for the classroom
– Non – toxic
– Biodgradable
– User friendly
– Non – adrasive
– Environmentally safe
– No toxic fumes
– Soy based
– Made in the USA
– Refillable spray bottle.
Clean with ATTITUDE! Dry erase board clean is concentrated, use a light mist to clean and restore your whiteboard and give it a new ATTITUDE! Tough on the job. Easy on the Earth.

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How to Keep Your Dry Erase Markers in One Place!

Every time you have a brilliant idea and want to put it on the dry-erase board, the marker is missing! Or you can find the black one, but not the red one! How do you eliminate this problem? Please see the video below and then visit www.godryerase for all your dry erase supplies!

Resurface vs Replace Your Dry Erase Boards – How Much Will You Save?

Let’s see if it makes sense to buy a new dry-erase whiteboard when your old one has become stained and discolored over time.

resurface dry erase boardA 48″ by 60″ (4 ft by 5 ft) new whiteboard from a big box store, described on their website as: Best-Rite Dura-Rite Dry-Erase Board, Laminate, 4′ x 5′, ABC Trim, Aluminum Frame is listed for $362.99

Taking down the old board and putting up a new one involves labor, materials, and disposal of the old worn-out board.

A new 4 ft by 5 ft WhiteBoard-in-a-Box is $49.99, it installs easily over the old surface in minutes, and comes with 4 free dry-erase markers!

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that WhiteBoard-in-a-Box will save you time and money, not to mention it’s better for the environment – less waste at the landfill.

Resurface your old dry-erase boards and save even more when you order large quantities.


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$6000 for a Whiteboard? This one is Different

Today’s office is evolving fast. You rarely see a fax machine, and many offices have gone totally paperless.

jamboard-collaboration-560Computers are smaller and don’t require as much storage space because everything is “in the cloud.” More and more employees are working on tablets and smart phones rather than desktops, so the average office is leaner, cleaner, and more streamlined. Meetings are virtual much of the time, so colleagues and co-workers are all over the world looking at a shared screen.

But nothing can replace an in-person gathering of people when personal interaction is necessary to collaborate on a project, and this is where the whiteboard comes in.

Whiteboards have been a fixture in office conference rooms for years, and they’re great for creating and sharing ideas, posting results, and just being creative. There is something about that beautiful open white space that makes you want to pick up a red marker and just draw!

Now, technology is trying to improve on the whiteboard and Google has entered the arena with “Jamboard” a 55-inch screen that integrates with other Google apps like Google Docs to make the whiteboard better. The price: $6,000.

Microsoft also has introduced a digital whiteboard in different sizes and prices from $5,000 to $21,000.

We think a digital whiteboard is fine if you can afford it, but there are some drawbacks. For one thing, you can’t heft a big-screen whiteboard from room to room, and carrying it across town or on board a plane might prove to be a challenge.

We introduced Whiteboard-in-a-Box, a self stick dry erase roll.  You can cut it to any size you need, stick it to a wall or other flat surface, and then remove it. It’s also perfect for re-surfacing existing whiteboards instead of replacing them, which saves a lot of money!

Obviously Whiteboard-in-a-Box is significantly less expensive than the digital versions and that’s a very big consideration. Ordering is easy at or

So, Who’s the Genius That Invented the Dry Erase Board?

Don’t you wish it was you?

Many of the best great ideas and inventions happen when you’re not even looking for it. The dry-erase board, also known as a whiteboard, and a dry-wipe board was invented in the 1950’s by a photographer named Martin Heit. Apparently he was developing some film in a darkroom and decided to catalog the negatives by writing on them with a marker.

wbiab_sales_presentationLater, he noticed that the writing from the marker wiped off very easily, and voila (sound of light clicking on here) – he got an idea.

Heit created some material similar to photographic negatives, but made them white. He patented the idea and eventually sold it to a company named Dri-Mark, hopefully for a lot of money.

For a long time the white surface was attached to steel plates, which made them very heavy. Later they were stuck to particle board which lightened their weight, but they would wear out in about a year.

Whiteboards didn’t become widely used until several years later when the surfaces were improved and marker ink was developed to be removed with a special eraser.

In the 1990’s schools became very interested in whiteboards because of the concern over allergies to chalk dust. Businesses who employ a lot of creative talent love whiteboards because of the many colors that can be used to illustrate new ideas and concepts.

As you can see, the products has been consistently improved, but like every manufactured item, the dry-erase board has a life-expectancy. The is why Whiteboard-in-a-Box is so ingenious. When a common whiteboard, attached to wood or particle board starts to lose it’s shiny finish, it’s expensive to replace the whole board. Whiteboard-in-a-Box is a great alternative because it allows you to easily re-surface the worn board, at a fraction of the cost of a new board.

Whiteboard-in-a-Box is easy to size and cut, and it simply adheres to the old whiteboard, and looks shiny and new. Several seamless sizes are available at or

Markers, erasers, and marker clips are also available.

College Students: Stay Organized for Maximum Success

In school, information comes at you at increasingly faster speeds. With the explosion of social media, 24-hour news cycles with seemingly relentless scientific and technological breakthroughs, entire new fields of study for you and access to more information than ever, you’ve got to be able to organize the content to filter out what you need to retain and what you can discard. To keep up with the flow of information you receive in college, you must stay organized.

staying organized in collegeOrganization is the glue that keeps our lives together. Even without realizing it, you are practicing it in a daily basis. Just think about it. As a young child you had to learn to organize the basics such as reserving your bodily functions for the washroom or putting your toys away neatly. Overtime we all had to allow our lives to be segmented into schedules. Waking up on time to go to school, doing your home work or simply setting time aside for leisure; it’s all a part of living within a society. Yes, whether you’re spontaneous and laid back or a minute miser of OCD proportions, you gotta admit, organization is vital.

One of the single largest steps towards great organization is being willing to prioritize what is important and what is not important. Tackle this step first, and getting organized will become a great deal easier.

Many people rely on their computers or mobile devices to keep track of appointments and other to-do items, and that’s great. But there is something about posting some reminders right on the wall, where you can’t miss it that works well for a lot of folks.

A dry-erase board is also a great way to write something for someone else. If you rarely see your roommate because of different schedules, a note on the wall works great!

Whiteboard-in-a-box is perfect for students, especially living in a dorm. You can stick it up on a wall and it won’t do any damage. When it’s time to move on, down it comes.

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Take the Dry Erase Marker Challenge

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Most people buy their dry erase markers at the big office supply store and never really give a thought to how long they last or how they perform. The ink runs out and they grab another marker from the supply closet. This seems to happen fairly often, but it’s not as high a priority as coffee.

7-markersAfter a few months they notice their dry erase board is looking a little dingy and streaked. Why? They shrug and keep cleaning it with their expensive dry-erase board cleaner, but it’s not long before it just doesn’t work. It’s embarrassing, what will the CEO say when he visits?

When you add up the cost of constantly buying markers and new dry-erase boards, it’s expensive!

The truth is, most people are using low-quality and expensive markers and cleaners that are inferior. is proud to sell our own brand of Attitude markers that are made with superior ink, a better quality tip, and they are made in the U.S.A.

We invite you to try a pack of our markers and use them alongside the ones you have been using. See which ones write bolder and longer, and we think you’ll see very soon that the big-store markers (not made in the U.S.A.) run out long before ours do.

Clean with ATTITUDE! Our new line of cleaning products for school, officedry erase cleaner and home they are, non toxic, biodegradable, no toxic fumes, non-abrasive, environmentally safe, soy based, made in USA. Once you try the dry erase board cleaner you will be amazed! Spray on the surface and let it go to work! Tough on the job…Easy on the Earth! Made in USA. Classroom safe.

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Thank you!

Using a Whiteboard to Enhance Your Presentations

whiteboard44Preparing for a big presentation is one of the most difficult work-related tasks some people will ever undertake. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Know your subject. Whatever you are focusing on for your presentation, read as much as you can about it, and watch videos. You want to thoroughly understand the subject.
  2. Use a visual aid, like a whiteboard. A visual presentation helps put things into perspective for people who have poor listening or retention skills. Many people just need that visual outline in order to understand the subject matter.
  3. Rehearse. About 3 days before the presentation, do several practice performances. If you have a couple friends with spare time, do it in front of them. Then ask them if they understood it. If it’s a sales presentation, ask them if they were sold. Don’t be afraid of negative feedback, it’s better to get it during rehearsal than after the real presentation.

Now, you should be confident going into the real show.

Regarding using a whiteboard, they are great for developing an explanation, diagrams and simple headings, and for recording interaction with, and comments from, the audience during brainstorming sessions.

Remember that writing on a whiteboard takes time and that you will have to turn your back to the audience to do so. If using a whiteboard, you should ensure that your handwriting is legible, aligned horizontally, and is sufficiently large to be seen by all the audience.

Bear in mind that white background of a whiteboard can cause contrast problems for people with vision impairment.

Imagine this nightmare: You go to a client’s office to make your presentation and when you arrive you discover that there is no whiteboard! Egad! What to do?

Fortunately, you were smart enough to have a Whiteboard in a Box in the trunk of your car. You stick it to the wall, and you’re ready-to-go!

Visit www.whiteboardinabox to see the options for this amazing product.

To be Human is to be Creative

Whether you are a professional dog-walker, accountant, teacher, or nurse, the benefits of exploring and expanding ones creative energies is a worthy pursuit. Creativity is often a term associated with lofty and unreachable aspirations. This idea that it takes a special side of the brain and a natural-born talent to be creative garners fear. While there may be people who are naturally creative, the trait itself is innately human. People may scoff at this notion because as a society we have created a mythical ideal of creativity around chosen ones who get to have it and be praised for it. The truth is, being creative is hard. People dont like things that are hard, they tend to do things that are easy and comfortable. The idea of being creative is intimidating when the range of what this skill can bring is called to mind. The images of great masterpieces of all types of mediums flash through the minds eye, which have enriched the eyes of humanity. But, the small wonders such as, a post-it note or paperclip are just as monumental and full of beauty in their own way. Creativity demands problem-solving at a higher, more open field where ideas are allowed to be bad or nonsensical. The question is, how does one get to that open field?

How To Develop Your Innate Creativity

1.    Play Around

            To sharpen the creative sense one must choose something of interest to have fun with. There are endless options, some traditionally creativepursuits such as painting, writing, or photography are called to mind. But there are also options such as cooking, journaling, scrapbooking, playing an instrument or wood-working. The idea is to do something you always wanted to do but never felt adequate enough or had enough time to consider. It only takes a small committed increment of time everyday to dedicate.  If it feels strained to begin or the thought of the activity is draining, choose something else. Keep trying until there is an action that allows the logical side to take a back seat. Creativity wants an open mind, the activity is beside the point. As long as it is not an obligation. In Big Magic, her book about creative living, Elizabeth Gilbert says, Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.

2. Keep a Notebook

Get a small, portable notebook and start making lists. Instead of pulling out the phone while you are standing in line waiting or during any interlude when the phone comes out, take out a pen instead. The lists can be about anything; books to read, movies to see, songs you like. Or people from 5th grade, words that begin with G, favorite cars or favorite paintings. Overthinking is not useful, just list. Austin Kleon, writer of Steal Like an Artist, recommends a swipe file. This can mean taking almost anything, from images torn from magazines to quotes, and stashing them in a file. Doodle in your notebook, scribble and let the pen on paper slow down your busy phone fingers.

3. Develop and Keep a Routine (be boring)

All creatives who have reached some amount of success will give testament to some kind of routine. Back to common misconceptions that creative prowess must be struck down from some muse; all artists will speak to a daily practice. Gretchen Rubin author of the best-selling, The Happiness Project, says, Progress is reassuring and inspiriting, panic and anxiety set in when you find yourself doing nothing day after day.  Small increments build up over time into something substantial  Keeping a daily habit of your artistic pursuit will have its dividends, in more ways than one. It becomes less daunting to take the pressure off of you set a timer for 30 minutes and write, paint, journal, or make mind maps of ideas. At the end of the week, or month the collective work can be the start of something great or lead to an idea that didnt exist before.

            Being creative may not be a part of your job description but creative pursuits sharpen all of the senses that contribute to a richer life. An open mind that explores ideas, questions the world and is curious about things is a mind that will create. Playing around and giving the mind a a break from expectations usually reaps huge benefits for the imagination.