Office Managers: Get the Credit You Deserve and Be a Hero!

Being an office manager can be a thankless job. They have all the responsibility when something goes wrong but not much praise when something goes right. They’re on call all the time in case of an emergency, but their salary doesn’t reflect all the extra time they put in.

One of the hundreds of things office managers are usually responsible for is the ordering of office supplies!  Employees won’t bother to report when they’ve taken the last dry erase marker from the supply cabinet, but will complain when they go to get another one and the box is empty.

We know these things because we talk to office managers all the time and we understand.

Here’s a way to score some points with management by saving time and money: The next time you have to replace a worn dry erase board, don’t do it! Resurfacing an old, worn whiteboard is easy with Whiteboard In A Box. All you have to do is order the size that comes closest to your existing whiteboard, trim it to size, remove the backing from the self-stick adhesive side of the film, and carefully apply it to the old board. Voila! You have a new whiteboard.

You’ll save on the cost of buying a new board and on having another one installed with drills and screws and a big mess. You’ll also save one old whiteboard from jamming up our already over-crowded garbage dumps. The environment will thank you and so will your boss for saving time and money.

Keeping your dry erase boards organized is easy with our self-stick or magnetic grids. Click here to shop those products!

While you’re online with us, you’ll also see our many other dry erase products including markers that are brighter and last longer than the leading brands. Our dry erase marker cleaner and erasers are also superior to what’s offered by the big office supply stores.

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Save Time & Save Money: Resurface Your Old Whiteboards

Self Stick Dry Erase FilmSo you have a shiny white dry erase board in your office, classroom, or conference room and you love using it for meetings and to write reminders on it. Some people, however (we won’t name names) keep writing on it with permanent markers, and other people try to erase the board using a napkin soaked in Diet Coke or coffee. Pretty soon your shiny white board is dull and gray.

You could order a new, expensive whiteboard from one of the big office supply stores and pay to have it installed after the old one is tossed in the trash. But why not consider a smart alternative?

Whiteboard In A Box is the smart solution for resurfacing old dry erase boards so they are like new again! Not only is it less expensive to purchase but it’s far easier to resurface than to drill more holes and install. Plus, old whiteboards end up in the garbage dumps which are already too big.

We found a YouTube video on how to install a new whiteboard and the tools required look like more than most people would care to get involved with, and the time required is extensive. Whiteboard In A Box is easy to install and requires no tools, just a clean, flat surface.

Whiteboard In A Box can also be used to create a brand new dry erase surface in a new location because it adheres to any smooth, flat surface. Don’t worry about sticking it on a wall or table, it won’t harm the surface below.

A comparison of buying new versus resurfacing shows that on average, your savings will be well worth trying our most popular product, Whiteboard In A Box! Schools with many classrooms in particular save thousands of dollars when they choose to resurface.

Click here to start shopping for 48″ wide rolls and click here for 60″ wide rolls. Whiteboard In A Box can easily be cut to your specific needs.


New Tax Law: Teachers Will Keep Deduction for Buying School Supplies

We’re never really sure what to believe when we watch the news these days,and when it comes to the economy and taxes even the accountants are confused. Congress passed and the president signed a new tax reform law right before the end of 2017 and most taxpayers are still trying to figure out how it will affect them personally.

One aspect of the law concerns teachers who buy school supplies for their classrooms using their own money. In a perfect world every school district would provide all the supplies needed for each classroom, but that is sadly not the case. Teachers often have to dip into their pockets to buy things the school doesn’t buy and the ability to claim a tax deduction has allowed them to recoup at least part of those expenses.

Rumors were swirling that the deduction would be eliminated in the new tax law, but it managed to escape being cut. Beginning in 2018 teachers will be able to deduct up up to $250.00 from their taxable income for school supplies they buy with their own money.

We have worked with schools and school district for many years and we do our best to keep our prices low because we understand the reality of tight budgets. Teachers as well obviously have limited money for school supplies and we admire their dedication to students and their community.

We applaud the lawmakers who kept this deduction available for dedicated educators and we pledge to do everything we can to keep our prices low, our product quality high, and we will always deliver superior customer service to all our customers.


Dry Erase Tape Helps Organize Medical Supply Storage Systems

Organizing our lives seems like a never ending project, from planning time to exercise to our closets and kitchen cabinets. In business it’s more complex and when the business is medicine and healthcare it is critical.

Doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals use cabinets, shelves and closets to store medical supplies and they are usually sorted into storage bins, which are then labeled and dated.

In our research of these systems we discovered that many medical facilities are using labels to keep track of the various supplies, and we are offering an alternative that saves time and money.

Our dry erase tape is an ideal solution for medical supply storage because it can be easily cut to the size needed and then placed securely on a bin, shelf, or cabinet. You can use a dry erase marker to mark the item, date, quantity, and any other information on the surface and it can be changed as need and will last for a very long time.

One nice feature is that with dry erase tape, medical personnel can keep track of quantities easily as items are used. There is no guessing how many items are left in the bin, which usually brings a mad dash to re-stock.

Dry erase tape comes in rolls that are 2″ wide and 5 yards (15 ft) long. The tape has a peel-away backing and the adhesive will stick securely but won’t leave a sticky mess if you remove it. Write what you wish with a dry erase marker and erase easily with a cloth or paper towel. Then re-write!

So far this system has been very well-received by customers because it saves time and money. Click here to order our dry erase tape.

New Product! Dry Erase Tape is Versatile and Effective

One of the biggest challenges we all face is staying organized, and while almost everything these days is online we still have items we store in bins, boxes, and shelves. Businesses have inventory to keep track of and households have personal property.

We have rolled out a new product that is perfectly suited to help you stay organized: Go Dry Erase Dry Erase Tape, and it’s featured on our website now:  Click Here.

Versatility is one of it’s best attributes. Dry erase tape is designed to be easy to cut to the size needed and it adheres to almost any surface. It can then be marked with a dry erase marker so it’s easy to see. The special advantage for a dry erase surface is that you can quickly erase and re-write on the tape as you change the contents of your storage container, cabinet, etc.

This product is easy to cut to the size you need and erases cleanly. Measuring 2″ wide by 5 yards, one roll of our new dry erase tape will yield 60 individual 3-inch pieces! And because it’s used over and over again it will save on buying lots of labels.

And please check out our Write with Attitude dry erase markers. They’re brighter, bolder, and longer-lasting than the leading brands.

Dry Erase Board Project Management – Staying On the Same Page

There is software for virtually every industry today. Law firms have case management software, doctors have patient management software, and even farmers have… management software. Often the people who use these software programs are in different locations and there is online meeting software so everyone can see the same screen and speak to each other.

But there is really no substitute for an in-person conference room meeting when everyone can see each other as well as focus on a dry erase board to lay out goals, plans, and results. Everyone on the same page.

Law firms are some of our best customers because they like to gather attorneys in one place to discuss case reviews, strategies, and plans for putting together presentations for court. The advantage of a whiteboard is that everyone has an opportunity to add, and write, their contributions.

One issue is: Where is the dry erase board located? It’s in the conference room, and the conference room is reserved! Where can we have our meeting?

The answer is: anywhere!

Whiteboard In A Box is a self-stick adhesive dry erase surface that performs just like any other whiteboard, except it’s just cheaper, easier to install, and totally mobile, unlike a conventional, heavy dry erase board. It can be placed on any smooth, flat surface like a wall or a table and it does no damage to the underlying surface.

Many of our customers keep several rolls of Whiteboard In A Box in their supply closet and when the need arises they’re ready. We’ve heard about Whiteboard In A Box being used when space is limited by people in hallways, break rooms, and even once in an elevator!

It’s also great for calendars, schedules, and tracking!

When you’re shopping please check out our markers, erasers, and cleaner. All are superior in quality to the leading brands you see at the big office supply stores.

Summer Classroom Renovations are Expensive – Whiteboard in a Box is Not

Students Will Return to Shiny and New Environment

BENGDD Elementary school student writing equations on whiteboard, smiling over shoulder at camera

Numerous studies show that student performance is enhanced when classrooms and other school facilities are upgraded. An analysis by Penn State University concluded that “improving the quality of school facilities is an expensive undertaking. However, when the positive impacts of facility improvement on teachers and students are translated into dollar figures, the rewards of such investments far outstrip the cost of the investments.”

Another University of Washington study concluded “scientific studies reveal the unexpected importance of a classroom’s symbolic features, such as objects and wall décor, in influencing student learning and achievement…”

Whiteboards have become an integral part of today’s classroom. Not only large boards on the wall, but smaller, individual boards have proven their value permitting students to work independently. Flat dry erase surfaces on table tops allow groups of students to collaborate on projects.

Imagine the cost of replacing all those items in a classroom, and then 7-markersimagine the cost in many classrooms. Yikes!

Now imagine being able to re-surface all those whiteboards with one easy to use, neat, self-stick product: Whiteboard in a Box. Classrooms will look shiny and new when students come back from their summer breaks and the cost is small compared to buying new boards.

Whiteboard in a Box comes in rolls ranging in size from 4’ by 5’ up to 4’ by 75’ and several in between. The large roll could conceivably cover several classrooms depending on the layout.

Visit us online or call us at 941-474-1991 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.



The Hardest Job Interview in the World

Computer Coders Have to Prove Their Skills in Blue and White

Coding InterviewJob interviews are tough, there is no doubt about that. With most jobs, however, the interview is just an opportunity for the employer to get a feel for what kind of personality the applicant has. They usually don’t involve grueling technical questions with time limits and several people observing you.

Computer coding interviews are different.

Imagine being handed a dry erase marker and being given a complicated problem to solve on a whiteboard in front of 3 to 10 people. That’s the way an interview in the tech industry often goes. And if there’s one thing you don’t want if you’re the one taking the test, it’s to run out of space!

Often the interviewers aren’t as concerned about the applicant getting the correct answer, as they are about watching how the person thinks. Remember back in school how math teachers would want you to “show your work” when solving a problem? It’s kind of the same situation.

You can probably guess that some of our best customers are math teachers and tech companies where they write a lot of code!

self stick dry eraseWhiteboard in a Box is perfect for these situations because it is a self-stick adhesive roll of brilliant white dry-erase film that can be placed on almost any flat surface. When the time comes to remove Whiteboard in a Box, it comes down easily and without harming the underlying surface.

The product comes in 48” wide or 60” wide and variety of lengths and cut to a desired size.

Don’t forget to order a bottle of our Dry Erase Board Cleaner!


Tips for Sales Presentations

Dry Erase Boards Can Help You Tell and Sell

Sales presentations can be pretty dull. “Product A does this and that. Buy Product A.”

When you’re making a sales presentation, you should be telling a story.

Business people clapping

People relate to stories, which is why we read novels and watch movies. Tell a story about how Product A changed someone’s life, and then you’ll have the attention of your audience. Tell a story about how Product A made someone a lot of money and you have their total focus!

Important: If you have any printed materials to hand out, try to wait until the end. Those can distract from your message.

Walt Disney said “Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.”

Now, you may not be a trained animator, but when you use a visual aid like a dry-erase board, you can use color and your imagination to tell your story. Draw a picture of your product or of something to represent your service. It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact a bad picture might lighten things up. Use colors, shapes and movement to build on your message as you speak. Find ways to convert your message into pictorial and imagery formats.

Ask your audience for assistance. See if they have ideas about other uses for what you’re selling. An interactive group makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

Reveal information as you talk through your presentation as opposed to present all the visual information at once. Retain control of a document or brochure by turning the pages as you speak, as opposed to handing the document to the buyer.

There are two things every person who gives presentations should carry with them:

  • Whiteboard-in-a-Box: A self-stick adhesive dry erase surface that is ready anytime and anywhere to place on a flat surface. It can be cut to any size, it’s easily removed, and it won’t hurt a wall or table that it is adhered to.
  • A set of “Attitude” dry erase markers. These markers are bold and bright, and they’re made in the USA. They last longer than the leading brands and they glide smoothly across the board. Easy to clean, too.

It’s a good idea to practice your sales presentation with friends before the actual event. This can reduce stress and help you feel 100% prepared.

You can order all our dry erase products by visiting

Dry Erase Boards in the Math Classroom

Clean, Colorful Markers and Other Products Make Learning Fun

What is your greatest fear? According to new studies the greatest fear for adults is spiders. After that comes snakes, heights, and crowded spaces.

WBTableChildren should be carefree and not have fears, but for decades one thing that has paralyzed kids in the classroom is the thought of being called to the board to solve a math problem. The thought of all my fellow students watching me try to solve a multiplication problem still makes me shudder.

Fortunately methods have evolved and kids aren’t placed in high-stress situations. Rather than a giant, intimidating board that spans a whole wall, there are several smaller options today.

Small tables can be covered with a dry-erase surface so small groups or even individual students can sit and work on math problems. Self-stick adhesive white board rolls are available and can be cut to fit any number of existing surfaces. We know one teacher who found some old clip-boards and rather than throw them out, she covered them with our Whiteboard-in-a-Box product, creating individual work surfaces.

Another option that teachers love is our dry erase pockets product. Teachers can insert a sheet of paper into the pocket, and students use dry erase markers to work on them. Paper isn’t wasted, and it’s an effective and fun way to teach.

Here are some of the benefits of using dry erase rather than paper and pencil:

  • Every child can be engaged in every single lesson.Small Whiteboard
  • It’s easy to see who’s grasping the concepts and who’s not.
  • Students love them because they’re fun. Mistakes made during guided practice can be easily brushed away.
  • Using dry erase boards will save paper.
  • Dry erase boards can be used in whole group instruction, small guided groups, and learning centers. has been working with schools and math teachers for many years, listening and responding to what works best. Our markers are superior in quality to most of the leading brands because the ink is better, and fresher. We also sell a very effective cleaner that is non-toxic and doesn’t smear. We’re always available to speak with you about how we can help.