Dry Erase Board Project Management – Staying On the Same Page

There is software for virtually every industry today. Law firms have case management software, doctors have patient management software, and even farmers have…..farm management software. Often the people who use these software programs are in different locations and there is online meeting software so everyone can see the same screen and speak to each other.

But there is really no substitute for an in-person conference room meeting when everyone can see each other as well as focus on a dry erase board to lay out goals, plans, and results. Everyone on the same page.

Law firms are some of our best customers because they like to gather attorneys in one place to discuss case reviews, strategies, and plans for putting together presentations for court. The advantage of a whiteboard is that everyone has an opportunity to add, and write, their contributions.

One issue is: Where is the dry erase board located? It’s in the conference room, and the conference room is reserved! Where can we have our meeting?

The answer is: anywhere!

Whiteboard In A Box is a self-stick adhesive dry erase surface that performs just like any other whiteboard, except it’s just cheaper, easier to install, and totally mobile, unlike a conventional, heavy dry erase board. It can be placed on any smooth, flat surface like a wall or a table and it does no damage to the underlying surface.

Many of our customers keep several rolls of Whiteboard In A Box in their supply closet and when the need arises they’re ready. We’ve heard about Whiteboard In A Box being used when space is limited by people in hallways, break rooms, and even once in an elevator!

It’s also great for calendars, schedules, and tracking!

When you’re shopping please check out our markers, erasers, and cleaner. All are superior in quality to the leading brands you see at the big office supply stores.

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