Take the Dry Erase Marker Challenge

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Most people buy their dry erase markers at the big office supply store and never really give a thought to how long they last or how they perform. The ink runs out and they grab another marker from the supply closet. This seems to happen fairly often, but it’s not as high a priority as coffee.

7-markersAfter a few months they notice their dry erase board is looking a little dingy and streaked. Why? They shrug and keep cleaning it with their expensive dry-erase board cleaner, but it’s not long before it just doesn’t work. It’s embarrassing, what will the CEO say when he visits?

When you add up the cost of constantly buying markers and new dry-erase boards, it’s expensive!

The truth is, most people are using low-quality and expensive markers and cleaners that are inferior.

GoDryErase.com is proud to sell our own brand of Attitude markers that are made with superior ink, a better quality tip, and they are made in the U.S.A.

We invite you to try a pack of our markers and use them alongside the ones you have been using. See which ones write bolder and longer, and we think you’ll see very soon that the big-store markers (not made in the U.S.A.) run out long before ours do.

Clean with ATTITUDE! Our new line of cleaning products for school, officedry erase cleaner and home they are, non toxic, biodegradable, no toxic fumes, non-abrasive, environmentally safe, soy based, made in USA. Once you try the dry erase board cleaner you will be amazed! Spray on the surface and let it go to work! Tough on the job…Easy on the Earth! Made in USA. Classroom safe.

Click here to see our Dry Erase Markers and Clips page to order. We hope you give us an opportunity to serve you, and we promise you great service, products, and value. We also welcome your feedback, and when you call us, you speak with the owner.

Thank you!

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