The Growing Popularity of Shared and Co-Working Office Space

Cost-Cutting, Cooperation, and Collaboration Contribute to the Concept

self stick dry erase boardThe traditional office has changed drastically over the past few decades. Old movies and TV shows often show businessmen (and they were almost always men) with enormous offices, large oak desks, female secretaries in the outer office, and many large filing cabinets. Today, files are kept on hard drives or in the cloud, and desks and tables are lighter and smaller to accommodate more people. Rents are high and companies have become more streamlined by using space more efficiently.

The concept of sharing certain office amenities like reception areas has been around for over 30 years, in fact if you ever watched the Bob Newhart Show you might recall that several professionals had private offices that surrounded a common area where their shared receptionist was stationed: Carol.

Gradually the shared office space concept has become more common and has evolved into what’s known as “co-working” space where several different and often independent people share a common workspace. In 2007 there were 14 businesses across the country operating as co-working office spaces and today there are an estimated 26,000 spaces hosting over 3 million people!

Some of the advantages of co-working and shared office space are lower self stick whiteboardstartup costs, fewer responsibilities like cleaning and locking up, networking opportunities, and shorter commitments. Most modern office spaces run month-to-month.

Virtually all these new office configurations include a limited number of private offices available of someone needs privacy with a client, and a few conference room of various sizes that can be reserved for meetings.

Another thing these concept spaces have in common is lots and lots of whiteboard space. It’s common to see entire walls covered with whiteboard surfaces so workers, thinkers, designers, thinkers, and bosses can gram a dry erase marker and put plans, diagrams, computer code, or other thoughts in written form in order to share with others.

We are pleased to offer a product, Whiteboard In A Box, that is perfectly suited for co-working and shared office spaces. It’s a self-stick whiteboard surface that rolls out and will adhere to any flat, clean surface. It’s bright and shiny white surface creates a crisp and modern feel to any room or hallway and dry erase markers can be easily erased. It comes in several different sizes and can cover virtually any wall surface, and can also be used to re-surface existing whiteboards that are old and worn out.

Office Managers: Get the Credit You Deserve and Be a Hero!

Being an office manager can be a thankless job. They have all the responsibility when something goes wrong but not much praise when something goes right. They’re on call all the time in case of an emergency, but their salary doesn’t reflect all the extra time they put in.

One of the hundreds of things office managers are usually responsible for is the ordering of office supplies!  Employees won’t bother to report when they’ve taken the last dry erase marker from the supply cabinet, but will complain when they go to get another one and the box is empty.

We know these things because we talk to office managers all the time and we understand.

Here’s a way to score some points with management by saving time and money: The next time you have to replace a worn dry erase board, don’t do it! Resurfacing an old, worn whiteboard is easy with Whiteboard In A Box. All you have to do is order the size that comes closest to your existing whiteboard, trim it to size, remove the backing from the self-stick adhesive side of the film, and carefully apply it to the old board. Voila! You have a new whiteboard.

You’ll save on the cost of buying a new board and on having another one installed with drills and screws and a big mess. You’ll also save one old whiteboard from jamming up our already over-crowded garbage dumps. The environment will thank you and so will your boss for saving time and money.

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While you’re online with us, you’ll also see our many other dry erase products including markers that are brighter and last longer than the leading brands. Our dry erase marker cleaner and erasers are also superior to what’s offered by the big office supply stores.

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Save Time & Save Money: Resurface Your Old Whiteboards

Self Stick Dry Erase FilmSo you have a shiny white dry erase board in your office, classroom, or conference room and you love using it for meetings and to write reminders on it. Some people, however (we won’t name names) keep writing on it with permanent markers, and other people try to erase the board using a napkin soaked in Diet Coke or coffee. Pretty soon your shiny white board is dull and gray.

You could order a new, expensive whiteboard from one of the big office supply stores and pay to have it installed after the old one is tossed in the trash. But why not consider a smart alternative?

Whiteboard In A Box is the smart solution for resurfacing old dry erase boards so they are like new again! Not only is it less expensive to purchase but it’s far easier to resurface than to drill more holes and install. Plus, old whiteboards end up in the garbage dumps which are already too big.

We found a YouTube video on how to install a new whiteboard and the tools required look like more than most people would care to get involved with, and the time required is extensive. Whiteboard In A Box is easy to install and requires no tools, just a clean, flat surface.

Whiteboard In A Box can also be used to create a brand new dry erase surface in a new location because it adheres to any smooth, flat surface. Don’t worry about sticking it on a wall or table, it won’t harm the surface below.

A comparison of buying new versus resurfacing shows that on average, your savings will be well worth trying our most popular product, Whiteboard In A Box! Schools with many classrooms in particular save thousands of dollars when they choose to resurface.

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The Hardest Job Interview in the World

Computer Coders Have to Prove Their Skills in Blue and White

Coding InterviewJob interviews are tough, there is no doubt about that. With most jobs, however, the interview is just an opportunity for the employer to get a feel for what kind of personality the applicant has. They usually don’t involve grueling technical questions with time limits and several people observing you.

Computer coding interviews are different.

Imagine being handed a dry erase marker and being given a complicated problem to solve on a whiteboard in front of 3 to 10 people. That’s the way an interview in the tech industry often goes. And if there’s one thing you don’t want if you’re the one taking the test, it’s to run out of space!

Often the interviewers aren’t as concerned about the applicant getting the correct answer, as they are about watching how the person thinks. Remember back in school how math teachers would want you to “show your work” when solving a problem? It’s kind of the same situation.

You can probably guess that some of our best customers are math teachers and tech companies where they write a lot of code!

self stick dry eraseWhiteboard in a Box is perfect for these situations because it is a self-stick adhesive roll of brilliant white dry-erase film that can be placed on almost any flat surface. When the time comes to remove Whiteboard in a Box, it comes down easily and without harming the underlying surface.

The product comes in 48” wide or 60” wide and variety of lengths and cut to a desired size.

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