Unleash Your Creativity! What Will You do This Summer?

Some Family Fun, Something Practical, Something Just for You

As summer break is not far off, most teachers are making plans for their richly deserved time off. Because teacher salaries are usually below what they should be, long-distance vacations aren’t always possible so family “staycations” are quite popular. It’s important if you do a staycation try to lock up the house, leave it behind, and at least pretend you’re traveling to an exotic resort even if it’s really a hotel 25 miles down the road.

Teachers often have the obligation of continuing education and often the summer is the only time to take care of that. A course or two in professional development can be fun if you find the right course and the right instructor. Of course many courses are online and that makes it easy.

Take some time for yourself.

Many people say they just don’t have time to read books like they used to, so if that’s you dedicate some time to go someplace quiet and read. Sit on the beach, get several massages, take a cooking or gardening class. Set aside time just for you. Do something that stimulates your creative side!

Back to School

This year isn’t even over but we’re going to talk about next year, and we should talk about classroom renovations for a minute. Teachers should take some time now to think about what they would like to see when they walk back into school in August or September. Is there adequate storage space? Are there any safety issues that should be addressed? Could you use more whiteboard space?

Of course some of the most popular projects are bulletin boards, but once a board is decorated, it’s set and there’s no fluid space for drawing, spelling or math exercises. Why not think about increasing your available space for whiteboards?

We have never talked with a teacher who didn’t agree that more whiteboard space would help with classroom functionality and that’s why our Whiteboard In A Box product is so popular.

Increase Creative Space!

Whiteboard in a Box is an incredibly versatile product that can be used on its own to adhere to a clean, flat surface or it can be used to re-surface an existing whiteboard. It’s easy to install and lasts as long as a conventional whiteboard. We also carry the brightest, longest lasting dry erase markers, “Write with Attitude” – our own brand made in the USA.

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