The Growing Popularity of Shared and Co-Working Office Space

Cost-Cutting, Cooperation, and Collaboration Contribute to the Concept

self stick dry erase boardThe traditional office has changed drastically over the past few decades. Old movies and TV shows often show businessmen (and they were almost always men) with enormous offices, large oak desks, female secretaries in the outer office, and many large filing cabinets. Today, files are kept on hard drives or in the cloud, and desks and tables are lighter and smaller to accommodate more people. Rents are high and companies have become more streamlined by using space more efficiently.

The concept of sharing certain office amenities like reception areas has been around for over 30 years, in fact if you ever watched the Bob Newhart Show you might recall that several professionals had private offices that surrounded a common area where their shared receptionist was stationed: Carol.

Gradually the shared office space concept has become more common and has evolved into what’s known as “co-working” space where several different and often independent people share a common workspace. In 2007 there were 14 businesses across the country operating as co-working office spaces and today there are an estimated 26,000 spaces hosting over 3 million people!

Some of the advantages of co-working and shared office space are lower self stick whiteboardstartup costs, fewer responsibilities like cleaning and locking up, networking opportunities, and shorter commitments. Most modern office spaces run month-to-month.

Virtually all these new office configurations include a limited number of private offices available of someone needs privacy with a client, and a few conference room of various sizes that can be reserved for meetings.

Another thing these concept spaces have in common is lots and lots of whiteboard space. It’s common to see entire walls covered with whiteboard surfaces so workers, thinkers, designers, thinkers, and bosses can gram a dry erase marker and put plans, diagrams, computer code, or other thoughts in written form in order to share with others.

We are pleased to offer a product, Whiteboard In A Box, that is perfectly suited for co-working and shared office spaces. It’s a self-stick whiteboard surface that rolls out and will adhere to any flat, clean surface. It’s bright and shiny white surface creates a crisp and modern feel to any room or hallway and dry erase markers can be easily erased. It comes in several different sizes and can cover virtually any wall surface, and can also be used to re-surface existing whiteboards that are old and worn out.

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