Whiteboards as Art Mediums

We are pleased to serve people involved in many different industries and pursuits, including businesses and educational institutions. Our customers use Whiteboard In A Box, our markers, erasers, and other supplies to teach, organize, display presentations, and sometimes just to express themselves!

Our motto since the beginning in 2003 has been “Unleash Your Creativity” and we were thrilled to learn about an artist, Brandon Doak, at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington. He is creating masterpieces on dry erase boards!

From the News Tribune: For more than a year, the 20-year-old from Vancouver, Washington, has been painstakingly mastering his craft on whiteboards around campus. Using the tip of dry erase markers, he creates patterns of dots to form his interpretations of landscapes, movie posters, album covers and superheroes.

You may not believe some of his work could actually be created on a dry erase board, but they were:

Read more about Brandon by clicking here.

So, please continue using our products to build lists, create schedules, deliver presentations, and teach children how to solve math problems.

But every now and then take a few moments to unleash your creativity. Create some art, you might become famous!


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