Using Dry Erase Markers in Your Presentation

A Whiteboard Display Can Compliment a PowerPoint Show

Presentation_Oct_24If you have ever created a PowerPoint presentation to display at an important meeting, you know that you go over it again and again to make sure it’s perfect. A polished performance can mean clinching the sale, winning a contract, or getting a big promotion so content is critical.

I have prepared dozens of PowerPoint shows and rehearsed the actual presentation in front of friends, a mirror, and once for my dog to make sure I didn’t leave anything out. Then, when the time came for the actual live performance, I realized I should have included this or that, or I should have used a different picture, or a fact pops into my head that would be perfect. Darn!

This is why we like to have as a compliment to any PowerPoint presentation, a whiteboard!

A whiteboard gives you the flexibility to break the monotony of clicking through slides and have some fun. You can even hand a marker to an audience member and ask them to get involved. Let’s say your presentation includes demographics who might be interested in the product you’re selling. You might follow up with your list by asking an audience member to come up and write some idea on the board.

Maybe you can use the whiteboard to write down suggestions from the audience for future discussions, or have some fun by drawing pictures. A whiteboard allows the presenter and the audience to express themselves in a creative way, and can turn a boring lecture into a memorable event.

Now, whiteboards aren’t always available, and even if you make prior arrangements there is no guarantee everything will be arranged as you wish. Whiteboard-in-a-Box is a self-stick adhesive whiteboard surface that unrolls to the size you need. It’s ready to go up on a wall pretty much anywhere you need it to, so you will always be prepared to express yourself. also sells the best dry erase markers available. ATTITUDE markers come in wide and narrow styles and plenty of vivid colors. Visit our website to browse and buy today, so you’re ready to pull of the presentation everyone will be talking about!

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